There are trips that are planned... months ahead.
Must-see places, marked on the map.
And there are trips that just happen. Off the agenda, with no preset itinerary.

And then, you experience the unexpected.
That will sweep you off your feet.

We present to you the landscapes of Serbia.
Places that will warm you heart, bring a smile to your face and, make you love life.
A life worth living!
Serbia awaits you


Get to know us better, take a walk through our historical sites, discover the national heritage of Serbia, try to familiarize yourself with the people, settlements, cultures that lived in this region centuries before us.


In Belgrade for a long weekend? Or just passing through our capital? We propose you fascinating spots in Belgrade and others within 100 km that you can visit within 24 hours, but whose memory will last you much longer.


Serbia is known for its natural beauty, it's delicious, healthy food, the rivers that flow through our country all with rich, protected biodiversity hidden just around the corner in famous places. We show you routes outside of everyday life, that will fill your lungs with healthy air.